by Gallupstar

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Gallupstar plays on: Ovation Viper, Ampeg Bass, Ludwig Drums, Vocal Chords, Moog Rouge, Rhodes Piano, Vox Continental, Farfisa Compact, Solovox


released September 1, 2009

All songs written by c. webber, copyright psuedo pop records 2009, design and layout by c. webber, dylan ryan plays bass on tracks 5,6,7,8,9,10 organ, piano, or solovox on tracks 6,7,10, jim rice plays drums on tracks 5,7,10, recorded mixed and mastered by c. webber in room 204A



all rights reserved


Gallupstar Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gallupstar is a Minneapolis made one-man band consisting of 2 Mics, a pared down drum set, a guitar, and a loop pedal. 5 years running, 3 albums deep, he plays everything live. A technical melding of one-man showmanship and solid pop melodies, Gallupstar is a performer who needs to be seen in action. ... more

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Track Name: All Eyes
All Eyes

Where are you now
You’re a rock
On a limb that’s about to break

You reach for your cloud self
But all you find is tar and ash
And a smoking gun that points and laughs

That blows holes in blue eyes
And where can you run
Where their spies couldn’t spot you

You’re a scream in the wind
Cause all their eyes are on you now
When all their eyes are on you now

For now I fall to sleep
I crawl to deep and dark oblivion

Beyond the will of death
As one
As one
Track Name: Black Lily
Black lily

Feeling tired after having worked
The earth open
Like a black lily that blooms
Under the eaves of the moon
I lie back my face pressed into you
My love is a cannonball
Floating in the water beneath us
I call for beneath the blue
Together we are an orchid
Throating our calls to the red moon
You are the southern sky
And I’m the first light
Shining on you
Shining on you
Shine on me
Shine on me

In the new world
Let there be
solitude once more
In the great and open plains
Where no one is looking
And no
one has cared
To lift up their bones
This time morning comes for
no one
In the empty homes where madness roams
Where the ghost of the day is
caught in a blue steam
Let there be loneliness and pain
Let the past fall from our flesh
with the slightest breeze
And let there be light
Always the light

Waiting for the
Line to break
Race in with your hooves
Sirens howl out there
Engines hum (wait)
Moons stay lit all day
In the brittle sun (in the lake)
Trample the queen
Cave in the king
Blow your love in
To the wind (nothing)
Capture the mighty
Heart of man
Clench it deep now release
All the rage
Drop your reason
From the sky
Sing your way to life
Deep inside
Face your love em
Brace your fear
Blow you bitterness
Into tears
Track Name: Disappearing Bodies
Disappearing Bodies

Burning off the hate
The disappearing bodies
In line from state to state
That step into the night
With earthquakes strapped around their minds
To cool the violent light
Where stars draw tight
The low illuminations
Of all their eyes
Circling our sleep
With satellite dreams
With fingers stretched to stars
And missions obsolete
Intercepting all the thoughts
The nascent and the lost
Counting all the colors
To find out what it costs
The human soul
To finally let the love get through

Lay down with bees and broken glass
Find your smile in an hourglass
It could have been our sleeping throats
That ushered in the silence
I took your mind and flew
Into enemy seas
We rose our sails and rode the deep
Collecting all the lost souls
La la la la
And in her hair I read the stars
To light of a broken compass
The net of notes entwines our ears
Like an echo in the hive
Lay down your secrets to the night
And watch them multiply
Cause when we kiss its like the sky
Collides ripples out in our eyes
La lla l al a
Track Name: Confidence like Mudered Birds
Confidence like Murdered Birds

I want to make you crumble
Into a 1000 bodies
You’re a giant on a mountain top
Searching out the scrolls

I want to watch the bodies
Reanimate my breath
Watch them pound into the earth
Trying to raise the dead

I’ve got a million pairs of eyes
Waiting to see you stumble
Let the clash begin
Lightning crash their cameras steal the crown

You point your guns
And put our heads against the wall

My eyes have changed into birds
That explode in time
Around the world
Into countries on strange legs
With plastered hair
In naked unity
We wait
For light to round the now square corners
Of the earth
Echoing at the ends of all worlds
Coming back
Burning us off the face of the
Black world
From which we’ve come and now return

I’m never coming back
If this is heaven
Track Name: Lady Entomologist
Lady Entomologist

It’s only because it’s only because
You carry the weight the ominous fate
You follow the train of DNA
You write it all down hoping that someday
You’ll be a god among men
You’d put us all back to sleep
And make us rise from the dead
To be your children
You’d give us a name put us all in a cage
So you could pull us apart looking for something
So that you’d never die
It’s be the cure to the end of life
From which you wish to save us

Ahh you never had anything to say
Ahh you’ve never been close enough to stay
You work yourself into a sordid sleep
And your dreams are no where I’d want to be
Ahh your trying too hard
I hear you say Oh my god oh my god
What if the sun don’t wake me up
No your not no your not
Gonna give it up
Whether or not you break the code
You know this ain’t right
Your trying to take the world and make it your own
You choose who lives and you choose you dies
If we want to live a life we have to pay your price
Ahh your trying too hard
I hear you say Oh my god oh my god
What if the world don’t buy my love
No your not no your not
Gonna give it up
Boiled in Ivy

Part of it is everything
You said but never say
With open mouths and closed mouths
And fingers crossed in secret braids
In concert halls and backlit booths
And hallways long and lost for time
In waiting rooms with darkened news
Plotting out the perfect crime
You came to me carved in trees
By hidden ants leading secret lives
I flew to you a bird in blue
Sawing all the space in two
Swear to me that there is truth
In words bared like fangs
We boil the books in ivy
Silencing the light in a swollen rage
Track Name: Mammals and Machines
Mammals and Machines

There is silence in the night
The great head of the universe
Turns and sighs and swings it eyes
Singeing stars into purple plumes
Sending sparks down
Below the weight of humming lights
The sparks which fall to the earth
Ride on
The backs of the crickets
Singing their way to the town below
The arc of sky
From my hillside
With no moon and no clouds to hide behind

Arming my tears for the blue below
Which glide to the earth
Like silver misles carrying their messages
From above
That find their way
Into the hearts of all the lonely people

All the lonely people come out
All come out

Scattered light
But we are black within
My consciousness assumes
It assumes the shape of it
I turn and fly
The beings by god
Throw poisons in the air
And smoke again and fill their skins
With vacant eyes and kneel before their sorrows
With open hearts I sink in
Invisible, more beautiful and immortal
Flowers and blood
White wings that beat
Your gun in my eyes
Its time I know its time

But don’t say that you can’t spend the night
Cause you can and you will
For the sake of man
You’re their only hope
All you have to do is lend a hand

On the shore he jumps against the night
Last night I dreamt the clouds went by
Chopping cotton by the side of the road
With an eyelash and a broken nose
The men rode by with barbed wire eyes
In superman suits
I put the whisky down like a sword
Obsessed with the score
And no one speaks as light spills in
Below our feet bones sleep beneath our weeds
The past sneaks in
The benches sway in the wind
Against the plastic weather
Sitting in
Blank spaces
Wishing that
My bones could stand up
Leaving my skin behind
Walking upright
Oh the ad-
Ventures they’d have
All alone
In the wooded world
Veiled by leaves
And twigs
Captured by the light
Under moon sight
Pecked at by the birds
And beasts alike
Track Name: Things Fall Apart
Things Fall Apart

Would you remind me now
First there was pain
Wired to a patch of sky
Lost in a hanging cloud
Down came the rain like moths
Fistful of blazing sun
A scream from the top of my lungs
Caught by the barbs again
Held by the pressing hands
Building my nest in the cold
Sun fading west of my eyes
Streaking like highways blind
Their voices prevail so I
Got on my mind to drive
Floating their sad demise
Love is a lie confined
Believe everything your told
Grasping at hope like straws
Nothing is wrong
Take a shot and pinch it pinch it

Passion explains itself
When I hang the lead heart
I only wanted to sell
Now im stuck with buying myself on the black market
I tried to trust in my god
But oh my god I found out too much
Raise your head up on command
Kiss his feet embrace their demands
Sink all the smiles in the sand
The hero is a traitor with whom you shook hands
Spit in your neighbors face
Turn your cheek away from the people you hate
Sleep with their blood in your bed
Adjust your dreams to block out the bad
I only wanted to sell
But you weren’t buying nothing else
I only wanted to stay
But you weren’t letting anyone out