Yonger Dryas E​.​P.

by Gallupstar

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released May 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Gallupstar Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gallupstar is a Minneapolis made one-man band consisting of 2 Mics, a pared down drum set, a guitar, and a loop pedal. 5 years running, 3 albums deep, he plays everything live. A technical melding of one-man showmanship and solid pop melodies, Gallupstar is a performer who needs to be seen in action. ... more

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Track Name: Younger Dryas
Younger Dryas

Once by the lake of lake
I sat to seek out a greener fate
But all the melting ice
Caused the rolling dice
To let the water go
And make a sacrifice
Once in an older dream
We left the Pleistocene
In search of warmer things
And all the ancient trees
Fell from the endless freeze
And all the green was lost
Encased in permafrost

And as glaciers grew
We lost the thermal fuel
And as the species died
The winter multiplied

Once before the Holocene
The thermohaline
Stopped making sense of things
It stopped its figure 8
And made the summers wait
And the Americas
Enjoyed an icy fate

And as glaciers grew
We lost the thermal fuel
And as the species died
The winter multiplied
The mountain avens bloomed
But all it spelled was doom
And all the green was lost
Encased in permafrost

Once we lived a life of perfection
Before we caught this infection
We had it all within our grasp

Now we cant begin to stop the violence
We’ve all but murdered all the silence
We lit our way out of the darkness
But that don’t shade us from the monster
We’ve all become
We’ve all become
We’ve all become
We’ve all become a virus
Spewing sludge into the atmosphere
We’ve all been brought up on the fear
That the world could end today
Just press that button and we’ll have that parade
And we’ll end this sherades

War has now become the worlds religion
It spread inside us like a sickness
If we don’t blow it all to pieces
The earth might force us into reason
And all will come
Down to this
Down to this
Rise and fall
Plunge and shift
Down to this
Down to this
Rise and fall
Plunge and shift
Track Name: Sunken Road
Sunken Road

Thunder in the hills
Marching the disappering men
Point your rifles high
Mow them down
Leave a cloud of sin
You cant change their hearts
For the body of war is just made of skin


Absent from your mind
Oh theres no glory to win from war
And what you leave behind
Is a shadow of love that walked before
You don’t need their lies
Walk from the line
Walk from the line


Brother I just took you trust and ran
I tried to prove myself
I tried to be the stronger man
I should’ve listened to your words
I should’ve known that with vengence comes a violent curse

Lay my body down

Mother I always loved you best
But I was hard on you
My love was like a constant test
I never gave you much but woe
I tried to earn my name
And fell in line at Shiloh’s hold

Lay my body down
Lay my bones in the ground

Daughter its to you I owe my breath
I’d die a million times just to keep you
Safe from death
I should’ve listened to your eyes
I tried to shoot the devil
But he poisoned me with lies
Track Name: Lonesome Arrow
Lonesome Arrow

Take your heart from the quiver
Place it in the bow
Take your fate
Lay it straight
Let your heartache show
Pull it back
Stretch it out
Let it go
Let it go

Ooh oh ooh lonesome arrow let it go

Sign your name
With your lips
Make an arch of your love
Till the arrow tips
Let it sing
A lonesome song
May it strike a young girls heart
May your love be strong

Ooh oh ooh lonesome arrow let it go
Track Name: Sun Whore
Sun Whore

Go go I know
I know that you want everything I own
I know that you want everything I owe
But the world around you shows how wrong this is
Go go I know
I know that you’ve been pulling at my heart
I know that you’ve been saying this for a long time
Won’t you give me everything you got
Girl girl I know
I know that I’ve been everything but you
I wanted to be good to you
But you want me but you want me gone

It’ll take some time
To reconcile the choice I made
I give you get you get I give
Until it breaks
Whys it so hard to tie my shoes
And walk away
We shout we hate
We love we break
And pay the price for waiting(playing) out our fate

Oh I love you but your heart is somewhere else
I tried to find it but I couldn’t even find your pulse
Come take out my eyes
Come pull out my teeth
And caste me in your sea
Come lend me a hand
Come kick out my knees
And leave me reeling
I tried to love you but your colder than the freeze
The thought of warming you
Would take the heat of every galaxy
Oh I love but I couldn’t even breathe
I struggled and stayed
Tried to keep up the shame on bended knees
Track Name: Climate Nomads
Climate Nomads

Far beneath the clover
Where the ants march on as soldiers
Do you creep between the weeds
And live amongst the trees
The birds are all your friends
And the spirits play pretend
You move from song to song
Without hazards or alarms

As monarchs fly above
Caterpillars come rushing in
They take the forest down
To plant their maize and soyabeans

Push them to the borders
Of their minds and give them orders
Will they starve or will they live
It all depends on they give
Their world has all been tamed
Leveled out and sold by weight
And the gods of young and old
Forced into bondage to perform

As the profiteers move in
Our ancestors are running out
When the moneys all been spent
We’ll wonder what it was all about
They mow the jungle down
With legal definitions
The architects of ants
With microscopic vision
Track Name: The Sixth Degree
The sixth degree

As the temperature rises
We find it hard to believe
The lines have been drawn
So whats another degree (or three)
As long as there’s a reprieve
Consuming more than we need
We’ll just invent a machine
To make it easy to breath

And if the air’s getting thick
We’ll just burn all the trees
And if your body gets sick
We’ll pump it full of debris
And if your too hurt to see (weep)
We’ll take your money and leave
And if you cant get to sleep
We’ll sell you somebody’s dreams

We’ll bring this world to its knees
Before we change our beliefs
We’re on our way to the sixth degree

And the proponents will shout
We can burn up the past
But when the people roll out
They say it aint gonna last
We’ll open fire on the masses
And the congress collapses
As the senators cash in their prehistoric Gases

And if you don’t like the heat
Then you’ll have to move north
And if petroleum peaks
We’ll make you pay for the source
And if the blackouts begin
The food will perish and spoil
And if the water runs thin
We’ll have to cut it with oil

We’ll bring this world to its knees
Before we’ll change our beliefs
But can anyone see
That we’re being deceived
We’re on our way to the sixth degree